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Wednesday, 19th June 2024

Drogheda author Joanne Ryan Curran launches her first book

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 Joanne Ryan Curran

The Cards That Changed My Life


   Joanne Ryan Curran

Drogheda woman, Joanne Ryan Curran, has always dreamed of one day publishing a novel and on Friday evening that dream is set to come true.

The book, The Cards That Changed My Life, will be launched on 21st June 2024 at 7pm at Academy Books, Southgate, Drogheda, tells the story of a young woman who uses a pack of magical cards to navigate her life in search of love and success.

Joanne wrote the novel during Covid-19 and was selected for An Táin Arts Centre’s publishing programme with 2022 writer-in-residence Nicola Cassidy who will officiate at Friday’s launch. Copies of the book will of course be available to purchase at the launch.

All are welcome. The book will also be available on Amazon - Kindle and Paperback.


The Cards That Changed My Life is a contemporary commercial fiction novel for adults, with a romance story at its core. Also, perfect for book clubs.

What if a pack of cards could give you whatever you wanted?

Twenty-three-year-old, investment banker, Jane McAlister, longs to be as successful as her famous actress sister, Gillian, and find love. Jane is in love with her friend, Ben, but he’s unavailable. After she loses out on a promotion to Ben, she visits a second-hand bookshop in Dublin, where she is given a pack of magical cards, from Tara, the kindly bookseller she has known since childhood.

The cards give her a chance to step out of her comfort zone and make her wishes come true. But every wish has a consequence, and once you pick a card there’s no turning back. Do the cards hold all the answers or are they too much to handle?

‘This book explores the notion of new beginnings and starts. How someone can change their life for the better but still feel lonely in this world. It explores relationships, family and friendships. It’s about charming romance, forgiveness, heartache and sizzling chemistry. If you love romance that is intense but beautiful at the same time, this one is for you.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review.


Joanne was born and raised in Ireland, and has lived in Dublin, London and Canada. She is an accountant and a graduate of the UCD Michael Smurfit Business School, where she studied entrepreneurship. She now lives in Drogheda, with her husband and children.

‘Joanne Ryan Curran’s writing fizzes and sparkles from the very first page. Fresh, funny, fierce and utterly captivating.’      Caroline Grace-Cassidy

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