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Wednesday, 19th June 2024

Mahers want to unite the world with their new single ‘We Are Connected’

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One of Drogheda’s and Ireland’s favourite family singing groups, The Maher Family, are hoping that their latest single will connect people and broker some harmony and cohesion in an increasingly fractured world.

The Mahers, who are signed with music mogul Rick Blaskey, who oversaw the teenage Whitney Houston's global launch, will release their much-anticipated latest single ‘We Are Connected’, hailed as a timely, much-needed and glorious celebration of unity and harmony on the 28th June.

Co-written by Blaskey, ‘We Are Connected’ is a punchy and catchy melody with a deep meaning that is universal.

Sisters Stacy, Robyn and Ruby together with Dad, Dave Maher sprang to prominence when their haunting ‘Lullaby For The World’ (see video below), a love letter to Mother Earth was chosen as the ‘sound’ of  ‘ World Earth Day’ and broadcast on platforms in 90 different countries.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Dave Maher, whose Father Joey is immortalised with a statue on the streets of Drogheda, said

 “Everywhere we look there is discord, disconnect and disharmony. People are stressed and sadly, instead of coming together, people are breaking apart”.

“Our world is in a fair bit of turmoil at the moment with various global events that are creating division, disharmony and disconnection. We are hoping to do the opposite; create links, connect people and bring joy and hope”.

 “We’re hoping that ‘We Are Connected’ will resonate across the world as people are hungry for connection, it is human nature to want to belong together and be a part of something bigger than ourselves”.

15 year old Ruby Maher who has appeared on stages from London to Dublin says  “ it’s sad that we have never been so connected with technology and all that but so disconnected , there are a lot of very ,very lonely people of all ages and I think that’s so sad.”

Echoing this sentiment, Rick Blaskey says:  “The world needs this song, it needs ‘togetherness’ and who better to deliver this than a family band who united the globe for World Earth Day with ‘Lullaby For The World.

 “Musical families do have that special little bit of magic when it comes to performing together, we harmonise so well together, and We Are Connected showcases that beautifully”.

Robyn Maher.

The Mahers have enjoyed major success since their collaboration with Blaskey who said after he signed the family:  “I have always been much more excited to work with artists who I believe transcend current genres and fashion, and who I can see can have the widest appeal to the biggest possible audiences. The Mahers have the genuine likeability factor, a unique persona, story and sound - and a global market to embrace them."

For Dave Maher, even the chance to work with an industry figure of Rick Blaskey's stature is already a high point. But, as he points out, he wants this to be just the first of many such highs to come.

“It's amazing, it really is. To hear someone like Rick speak about us the way he has, well it's just the most fantastic feeling. He knows what he's talking about, because he's worked with, shaped, and guided the career of an artist who you could argue was perhaps the greatest female vocalist ever. So having Rick in our corner, on top of having such a beautiful song to work with is a dream come true for us".

"The music industry can be a tough old station, I’ve grown up in it but it’s hugely rewarding and can be such a powerful force for good. I think there's some exciting times ahead for The Mahers with Rick leading the way

"I see 'We Are Connected’ as an anthem for our times, a song that belongs to the world. It’s just our good fortune to be the ones who have a chance now to bring it to the world. That's a journey we're excited about setting out on. And in Rick, we're working with a man who's done it all before on that scale."

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