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If You Have A Stove , You Really Need To Talk To Us! We are suppliers of the very finest kiln dried firewoods as well as many seasoned fruit woods , ideal for smoking meat and fish! We @ Goodwood Fuel are agents for CPL smokeless coal which is the finest on the market! 


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More About Goodwood Fuel

Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable firewood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. Goodwood Fuels provides premier kiln dried firewood, kindling and log stores.

The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable:

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Minimum stove and flue problems

Because they are kiln dried and have a certified low moisture content of less than 20%, Goodwood Logs are ideally suited for use in all log burning stoves. Goodwood Logs are 100% natural and are produced from sustainably managed woodlands. We offer our kiln-dried firewood for sale and delivery all across Ireland.

We only sell Kiln Dried hardwoods like Beech, Ash, White Oak, Hornbeam (Ironwood) Maple and Birch in our 1.17m3 crates, which, strangely enough hold more Kiln Dried firewood than some of our competitors 1.4m3 bags? These are all high quality firewood timber species. We also supply seasoned Apple, Plum & Cherry firewood in smaller bags for smoking meats and fish.

Kiln Dried means that firewood has been treated in a timber drying kiln which heats the logs to a high temperature for some time, literally cooking the excess moisture from the logs. A kiln is like a giant oven and there is a huge plume of steam rising from it when drying a batch of logs. This steam is the moisture from the logs that you are normally paying for when you buy unseasoned or air dried firewood. Goodwood logs have a sweet, cooked smell and are always very dry, with a moisture content below 20%. Also, the heat from the kiln drying process kills moulds and insects, meaning that your logs will be clean and bug free!

Burning wet firewood is bad for both your stove and your pocket! A large amount of energy (heat) is used to burn off the water contained in wet firewood so unseasoned logs give off very poor amounts of heat. If you have ever seen the ends of your logs sizzling in your fire or stove you can be assured that your logs are not dry enough! Also, unseasoned firewood is very difficult to light and will burn at sub optimal temperatures, causing your stove to blacken with soot.

Make sure you’re buying the best kiln dried firewood you can.

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