Introducing Drogheda Small Ads

If you’re doing business in or around Drogheda the new Drogheda Small Ads ticks all the right boxes:

Advertise Locally

If your clients/customers are in the Drogheda area it makes sense to advertise in Drogheda. Why waste money advertising nationwide? Why waste even more money on web ads that spread your message nationally or globally. Drogheda Small Ads targeted at a local audience.

A Whole Page For Your Business

Why pay a € 25 or more per week for a small newspaper ad that has just about enough room for your name and number when for as little as € 5 per week you can take as much space as you need AND use photos or video in the Drogheda Small Ads section.

Remember too – Drogheda Small Ads are on your customer's phones, in their pockets 24/7 unlike newspaper ads which have a very short shelf life – one turn of the page and they’re history.

Be Part of Drogheda Small Ads Social Media Network

You can update your message in the Drogheda Small Ads section whenever you choose and you can also announce special offers or new products/services on Drogheda Life and its social media networks. If you have some particularly interesting news you could be our featured “business of the week”.

Grow Your Online Presence

Drogheda Small Ads entries are designed to be extremely friendly with all search engines such as Google and Bing. Our tech guy is a registered Google Developer and he knows just how to reach your target audience. (Just don’t ask him how, he’ll tell you but it could take a while!)

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is to register with Drogheda Small Ads – fill in the form below with the basic details and a photo. This will be the basic ad and is the first thing that people will see so choose a good photo and write about 150 words about your service or product. Once you’ve got people to click through you can give them the full story!

Don’t worry – if you need help to get up and running we can help you!

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