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Friday, 26th May 2023

Who would you like to see as the next Mayor of Drogheda?

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The ten Councillors of The Borough District of Drogheda - vote for the one you'd like to see as mayor.


The next Mayor of Drogheda will be elected at the June meeting of the Borough District of Drogheda. Only sitting Councillors of the Borough can vote but we thought it would be interesting to see who the people of Drogheda would vote for if they could. 

Under the local government system as it stands in this country, the public will have no say in who becomes their mayor but we thought it would be an interesting exercise to run a poll whereby members of the public can vote for the councillor they would like to see as the next Mayor.

Anyone can take part in our poll but can only vote for one Councillor. The results of the poll will be published next Wednesday.

The eligible Councillors are listed below – vote now for the person you would like to see as your next Mayor by clicking the button next to his or her name.

On a mobile device slide across to see 'select option'. You may only vote for one candidate. Select your preferred candidate and click the button at the bottom of the list to cast your vote.

Candidate Image Vote
James Byrne
(Fianna Fail)

Joanna Byrne
(Sinn Fein)

Kevin Callan

Tom Cunningham
(Sinn Fein)

Emma Cutlip

Michelle Hall

Paddy McQuillan

Declan Power

Pio Smith

Eileen Tully
(Fine Gael)

When you've made your choice, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button to cast your vote. Only the first choice you make will count as your vote.

Remember, this is not an official poll. The only people who can vote for the mayor of Drogheda are the ten Councillors of the Borough District of Drogheda.

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