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Friday, 1st March 2024

Unleash your comedy skills at the Drogheda Comedy Festival Youth Workshop

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Comedian Karl Spain will be teachig young people how get in touch with their funny bones and to be comfortable as a stand-up comedian at the Drogheda Comedy Festival Youth Workshop in the Boomerang Café.

The Drogheda Comedy Festival starts in a week’s time and, judging by the line-up of very funny people taking part, it looks like it is going to be a fantastic hit which hopefully will become an annual event.

There’s going to be plenty of laughs but there’s much more to the festival than sitting in a venue and laughing at some professional comedian’s jokes.

One event from the very busy festival schedule is the inaugural Drogheda Comedy Festival Youth Workshop. That's a bit of a mouthful but it promises to be a great opportunity for young people to learn the craft from some of Ireland’s funniest people.

Organised in collaboration with Boomerang Youth Café, Droichead Arts Centre, and Louth Local Development, this workshop is designed for comedy enthusiasts aged 15-18 who are eager to explore the art of humour in a fun and inclusive environment.

Led by seasoned comedians Danny O'Brien and Karl Spain, this workshop promises an afternoon filled with laughter, creativity, and empowerment. Participants will have the opportunity to master public speaking with a comedic twist, conquer nerves through the power of humour, and explore insider tips for nailing comedic delivery, both on stage and online.

Danny O’Brien, the main facilitator of the Comedy Festival Youth Workshop. 

What sets this workshop apart is its commitment to inclusivity. Comedy should reflect the diversity of our communities, and this workshop is welcoming to all. If you've ever felt like the comedy scene doesn't fully represent your community, then this is the workshop for you.

The Drogheda Comedy Festival Youth Workshop takes place on Saturday, March 10th from 1pm -2.30pm at The Boomerang Cafe, 62 Fair Street, Drogheda.

For more information and to book a place at the workshop, CLICK HERE



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