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Friday, 9th February 2024

Tolan asks council to install average speed limit cameras in Julianstown

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Councillor Sharon Tolan.

Fine Gael Councillor Sharon Tolan has called on Meath County Council to install new Average Speed Limit technology in the village of Julianstown as a measure to address serious road safety issues.

Funding and Planning Permission exists for a new Julianstown Traffic Management Scheme which includes new footpath works, pedestrian crossings and raised tables throughout the village, however this plan has been delayed until Uisce Eireann complete their upgrade works in the village.

“We have very serious traffic issues in Julianstown, most of which will only be adequately addressed with a full By-Pass” Cllr. Tolan said.

“I am keeping the pressure on our team to progress this.  I have asked that another traffic count be carried out, as it’s very evident that numbers of vehicles have increased massively and commuters are being forced to leave home earlier every morning to get to work and college on time.

“During off-peak times throughout the day, there is a serious speeding issue through the village, and pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are put at serious risk. 

“Our new Traffic Management Plan will address most of those safety issues, but we really can’t afford to wait years before taking action.  The installation of Average Speed Limit Cameras would be a very effective interim measure for ensuring safety for all who live and travel through Julianstown.”

Unlike traditional speed detection which measures the motorists speed at one particular point along the road, average speed cameras monitor a driver’s average speed while driving between two points.

“When driving the first camera will record your number plate, and then the second camera will do likewise. The system will time how long it has taken to travel between these two points to calculate your average speed.” 

To put it simply, an average speed camera tracks how long it takes to travel between two set points on a road and uses this information to calculate your average speed. These measures have proven to successfully reduce speed.


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