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Friday, 20th March 2020

This crisis could be doing some of us good

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The Ramparts riverside walk/cycle path which has recently been resurfaced by Louth County Council.

As we face into another weekend with no pubs and not a lot else to do socially except keep our distance from each other, many people, myself included, are finding that perhaps, in some ways, this crisis could be doing us good.

For a start people are thinking about and caring for each other more and that can’t be bad. The selfish panic buying phase seems to be over and has been replaced by a sense of common purpose and camaraderie.

I’ve been out on the bike three times this week and the number of people out walking with their kids, on their bikes, jogging and walking has been phenomenal. There were more people on the boardwalk this afternoon than there were in West Street.

I went out along the ramparts (take a bow Louth County Council for a job well done) and the boardwalk as far as Oldbridge twice this week and the fresh air has been wonderful. The exercise can only be doing me good but, even without a drop of Guinness, I still don’t notice any difference in my weight.

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Two minor gripes though:

Gripe number one - The 100 metre stretch of the boardwalk that some idiot set light to just before the 2018 Fleadh has still not been re-instated. No idea how or why it is taking Meath County Council so long to put right. Somebody, somewhere needs to get their finger out.

Gripe number two is all about number twos, dog poos to be precise, there was quite a bit of it about, especially on the boardwalk, today.

Judging by the size of it, the poo that I cycled through came from the backside of a very big dog but really, in this matter at least, size doesn’t matter.

It’s a perfectly natural bodily function for the dog but really, if you’re bringing your hound for a walk clean up after it when it makes a mess. I thought this particular battle in the struggle for civilisation was won years ago.

This article was written by Andy Spearman

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