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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

The bizarre case of a house leaking water for over a year

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The house at Bolton Square (white front door) from which water has been flowing for over a year with irish Water and Louth County Council both unable to do anything about it.

We’re always being told to conserve water, turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth, have leaks repaired promptly, conserve waste water for gardens etc.

But when it comes to Irish Water or the Council it seems the rules are different, certainly if the case of number three Bolton Square is anything to go by.

This house has been empty for quite some time and a leak developed over a year ago and water, thousands of litres of it, has been seeping out from under the front door for over a year!

The property is in the ownership of a financial institution and Both Irish Water and Louth County Council know this but they say they are powerless to act in the matter. The Council says that a court order will have to be secured before the property can be entered.

For the past ten months Councillor Paul Bell has been calling on Louth County Council to take the required action to stop the flow of water which is streaming out of the house, down the steps and into the street.

Councillor Bell called the situation bizarre. “This ongoing issue is the cause of anxiety to residents in the area as water can give rise to dampness and other structural damage” he said.

“To add insult to injury, the water cannot be turned off from the stop cock as the system is communal and would therefor impact on all the homes beside the property.

“I sincerely hope that Council will be in a position to address this matter in the coming weeks” he added.

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