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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

Strains of austerity contributing to the breakdown of services - PBP

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Gus MacDonald of People Before Profit.

“The failures of political representation are costing more than just money, the stresses and strains induced by the policies of austerity are contributing to the breakdown of our services.” So says Angus MacDonald of People Before Profit in Drogheda. 

“It's madness to believe that reduced services can cope with the increased workload, while continually adding more and more through the failure of policy!” he says.

“Since 2007 workers of all sectors have taken large regressive steps in relation to pay, while faced with increased cost of living and a reduction in available services.

“The news that 1 in 10 people now spend 60% of their wage on rent/mortgage is hardly a surprise.

“We are not immune to the rent racketeering here in Drogheda. With one resident and her three children forced to seek homeless accommodation due to a rent increase of €550, in a matter of days!

“As we move to address the pay increase required to sustain workers and their families, so too must we look to curtail those profiting from the unsustainable rental and buying markets.

“Every step forward for workers’ pay is greedily gobbled up by landlords and developers, rendering it worthless.

“We need to face the reality of modern Ireland.  The country has been sold to a section of society that was bankrupt until we bailed them out.

“We literally financed the sale of the country to the people who broke it in the first place!

“The political apparatus has and is being usurped by an elite class that can simply buy the acquiescence of our corrupt system of representation.

“The wealthy lobbyists of big business have seen fit to remove the ability of the citizens of Ireland to elect office holders capable of delivering on election promises.

“As such we must now seek to adjust the system of proportional representation until such time as we remove the power of money to corrupt it.

“At local level we need to remove any obstacles in the council chambers or management that seek to curtail the progressive steps required to end austerity. 

“Many of those currently holding office will need to face up to the reality of the circumstances of residents of the town. 

“Simply dealing with the effects of austerity while the cause remains unchanged won't cut it.

“It's time we had representation that challenges the establishment at every level of governance.

“We at PBP Drogheda will be fighting tooth and nail until such time as we do.”

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