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Friday, 10th May 2024

Social infrastructure audit underway for South Drogheda – O’Hare Stratton

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Fine Gael candidate for Drogheda Urban, Ejiro O'Hare Stratton.

Newcomer to the local politics scene, Fine Gael candidate for Drogheda Urban, Ejiro O'Hare Stratton, has received confirmation from Deputy Fergus O’Dowd that Meath County Council’s Forward Planning Department has commenced a Social Infrastructure Audit for South Drogheda. 

“This is a really important step taken by Meath County Council” Ms O’Hare Stratton said. “I have been engaging with people on the doors, and I know this is a critical issue for many residents and families. 

O’Hare Stratton added that she wholeheartedly believes we need to secure appropriate sites to develop new community resources, particularly additional playgrounds, for the people of Drogheda as the population continues to increase. 

“The planning department confirmed that the audit would assess the existing social infrastructure and analyse the future demand for additional social infrastructure under the following headings: 

  • Education and Training
  • Child Care
  • Health
  • Open Space, Sports, Recreation
  • Social and Community
  • Arts and  Culture
  • Faith
  • Neighbourhood Centres
  • Other Features

“When completed, The Social Infrastructure Audit will inform any future variations to the Meath County Development Plan and the Joint Local Area Plan for Drogheda. 

“Separately, we need the St Dominic’s Playground redevelopment plans to advance without delay. Last May, the Government awarded €90k to refurbish and upgrade St Dominic's Playground, and I hope the council will also provide additional funds. 

O’Hare Stratton added, “The LCC Chief Executive has confirmed that Part 8 planning is being prepared for the St Dominic’s refurbishment plan, including an Appropriate Assessment screening stage 1 report. Fingers crossed, this can be completed as quickly as possible.” 

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