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Wednesday, 24th April 2019

Sack me if you’re not happy with my performance - Rudd

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Jeff Rudd, he wants you to vote for him but, if you're not happy with his performance, you can get rid of him at any time.

"Someone has to take the bull by the horns"

In what may well be a first for Irish politics a local election candidate, Drogheda man Jeff Rudd, has said that if he is elected on May 24th, he wants the public to have the power to sack him at any stage if they are not happy with his performance.

Rudd, the founder and leader of the United People political party, has decided to put his neck on the block in answer to the public call for greater accountability within Irish politics. 

“I have decided someone has to take the first step in really changing the way things have been done in Ireland” he told Drogheda Life. His statement reads as follows:

“As a local election candidate if elected after May 24th, one of the first things on my public agenda is to ask the council to request they pass a detailed motion in which allows the public to sack me at any stage, any year, through a free legal democratic process. Yes, you read that right” he says in a statement.

“An elected person is only accountable to a voting public every five years normally. I have said from the very start of entering politics that this is not good enough anymore in a world where millions of Euro can be lost in minutes, if not seconds, by wrong/inappropriate acting representatives. Five years to wait, to hold someone to account is just not good enough anymore. So I intend to lead by example.

“Regardless of the others elected, I will be giving my local public the free legal ability to haul my ass to account if need be and further sack me at any time if the situation warrants it.

“Operating on a similar voter setup available in Switzerland and their "Participatory Democracy" system, my fellow South Louth citizens will be gaining real democratic power back. Far more than has been given to them since the foundation of the state. I hope to continue sitting down again with a representative of the Swiss embassy in Dublin soon, to further discuss this very matter.

“I cannot call for democratic improvement if I am not willing to be part of it - so if elected, I shall attempt to lead by example. I state this on public record. I want politics in Ireland to improve. I want the citizens of Ireland to gain true democracy. I want them to have a stronger voice. It's only right that I am far more accountable so! Someone has to take the 'bull by the horns'. So far few are willing. If they won't - I will.

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