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Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Republic and North could be in different time zones after Brexit!

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"EU directive on ‘Daylight Savings Time’ could lead to daily clock changes for border communities" saysBreathnach.

Some people say that Northern Ireland is years behind the Republic on issues such as equality, religious tolerance and social inclusion but Louth Fianna Fail TD Declan Breathnach says that the two entities could literally be in two different time zones after Brexit.

Breathnach says that an EU directive on ‘Daylight Savings Time’ could result in daily clock changes for people living in border communities.

“As we know, we currently move our clocks an hour forward in March to daylight savings time and an hour back in October to standard time” Deputy Breathnach explained.

“However, under an EU Directive, these clock changes will end, and EU member states will have to choose to either stay permanently in daylight savings time or in standard time.”

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“The problem of course is that, after Brexit, the UK will not be bound by EU rules and the British Government have said they intend to keep the bi-annual clock changes.

“Under this scenario, the Republic and the North would be in different time zones for half the year. This would cause huge disruption and confusion to communities who cross the border every day.”

 “Time is ticking on the Brexit deadline, but the time zone problem has not been resolved” he said.

“A workable solution must be made by all parties to ensure that border communities are not subject to the disruption of multiple clock changes throughout their daily routine.”

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