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Wednesday, 24th June 2020

Red herrings and ice cream on a slow news day in Termonfeckin

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The entrance to Seapoint Beach at Termonfeckin. The litter pickers and bags put there by the Lions Club are obviously being used by members of the public to keep the beach clean.

I was down at Seapoint Beach near Termonfeckin this morning following up on a tip off I’d received which turned out to be a red herring.

As I was sitting in my van in the fine new car park at Seapoint taking a call a group of young lads, 17 to 19 year olds I reckoned, emerged from the beach laughing and joking and bouncing off each other as young lads do.

‘Uh, oh, these guys are up to no good’ I thought, giving full rein to my middle class, late middle age prejudices.

I watched as five of them, average height six foot two or three I would imagine, managed to climb into a very small car, a Toyota Yaris I think it was, and drove off music blaring from the open windows.

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‘No good at all’ I thought and, having finished my call, went out on to the beach in search of evidence of the anti-social behaviour I’d been told about.

I’m glad to report that the beach was in pristine condition, just as it nearly always is.

I spoke to one or two people out walking asking them if they’d seen any evidence of bad behaviour but they said no, they’d seen nothing untoward.

I asked one woman about the youngsters who’d just left.

“Lovely boys” she said. “They were kicking a ball around when I arrived for my walk and when I got back they were picking up litter and putting it into a plastic bag.”

‘Sometimes things are not as they seem’ I thought to myself as I drove back towards Termonfeckin village. So I stopped off at Maddens shop to treat myself to an ice cream cone.

Sometimes a slow news day is good for the soul.

This article was written by Andy Spearman

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