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Monday, 15th April 2024

Pre-Louth Championship a showcase of emerging talent from Boyne AC

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Boyne AC's mighty Under Nines were never put off by the bad weather.

The pre-Louth Championship in Bush was a showcase of emerging talent from Boyne AC across various age groups held under challenging weather conditions including periods of torrential rain which failed however to dampen the spirits of theyoung athletes, who excelled in their respective categories.

Ruby Winters demonstrated commendable consistency in the under-8 category, securing 5th place in the 60 meters, 300 meters, and long jump events. Next up was the under 9s and among these, Una McEntee, Ellie Fay, and Emilia Wheat showcased their budding athletic prowess in both the 60 meters and 300 meters races.

Stella Gow emerged as a star, finishing 2nd in the 60 meters, 300 meters, and long jump, Una, Ellie, Emilia and Stella each displayed speed and stamina, navigating the races with a level of skill and determination that belies their youth. Their ability to perform well in both sprint and slightly longer distance events suggests a versatile athletic foundation, which could be honed for future competitions.

Millie Bell and Emilia Wheat.

The under-10 races were fiercely contested, with Heather Kingston shining brightly by winning the turbo javelin and showing strong performances in the 60 metres, 500 meters, and long jump. Her peers, Maisie Fay, Sophie Alhaddad, Millie Bell, and Amy Murray, also ran well and exhibited great skill in the long jump and turbo javelin.

In the boys' under-10 category Rasmus Fangeru and Conor Hughes put in strong performances, with Rasmus finishing 3rd in the turbo javelin and Conor placing well in both the 60 metres and 500 metres. Caitlin Hughes in the under-11 category excelled with a personal best in the long jump of 2.54 metres, and Jessica McMahon made an impressive debut, narrowly missing a medal in the long jump with a leap of 3.80 metres. 

In the under 12s, Danny O’Reilly put in a strong effort both on the track and in the field. He ran well in his events and participated actively in the long jump, although he narrowly missed out on a medal. Harry Kingston emerged as a standout athlete in the turbo javelin, clinching victory with a notable throw. George Curran and Luke Spellman both achieved new personal bests (PBs) in the long jump. Cillian Hickey showcased his sprinting prowess by securing 2nd place in the 60 meters. 

Aimee Rice and Hannah Newman.

Sean Clarke made his presence felt by finishing 3rd in the U12 60 metres, a testament to his sprinting abilities. Will Gow also shone in the 600 metres, taking 2nd place. Aoife McCabe finished 6th in the 600 metres in the u12, a challenging middle-distance race that tests both speed and endurance. Additionally, Aoife showed her skills in the field by jumping 2.69 metres in the long jump.

Cara O'Connor also made a significant impact during the championship. She ran well in the 60 metres, displaying promising sprinting capabilities. In the long jump, Cara achieved a distance of 2.60 meters, showcasing her ability to perform consistently across different events. Isabelle Winters made a notable impression by securing 4th place in both the 60 meters and 600 metres. Her ability to perform consistently well in both sprint and middle-distance events showcases her versatile athletic capabilities and a competitive spirit.

Laoise Black's efforts in the long jump were particularly noteworthy as she achieved a new personal best. Setting a personal record in a competitive environment like the Pre-Louth Championship shows her dedication. Harriet Fitzgerald also shone in the under-13 category, participating in the 600 metres and the long jump. Running the 600 metres showcased her endurance and pacing, essential skills for middle-distance racing. In the long jump, Harriet jumped an impressive 2.70 metres.

Ruadhan and Rasmus Fangeru.

In the Under 14s,Riley Byrne emerged as a top contender by winning the 80 metres and finishing 2nd in the 800 metres, demonstrating his speed and endurance. Mollie Fay also delivered a super race, underlining her abilities and making a significant impact in her events. Eoin McEntee finished 4th in the 600 metres. Additionally, he performed well in the long jump, a testament to his versatility as an athlete.Cuan Gamble excelled not only in running but also achieved a new personal best in the shot putt.

Joe Bell placed 6th in the 600 metres, a challenging middle-distance event that tests both speed and stamina. Ruadhan Fangeru also made his mark by securing 3rd place in the shot put, showcasing his prowess in this power-based event. Ciaran Garvey had a brilliant run in his first competitive championship, showing great promise and potential. Aaron McMahon, also making his debut, ran excellently in the 80 meters and secured 5th place in the 800 meters. Additionally, Aaron's performance in the long jump was outstanding, achieving a remarkable distance of 6.53 metres.

Sean Alhaddad showed great promise in the under-15 category. Although he was unlucky not to secure a medal in the 100 metres, he achieved a personal best in the shot putt. Sadhbh O'Donohue ran a brilliant 100- metres race, showcasing her speed and agility. Her performance underlined her as a significant competitor in sprint events.   

Stella Gow and Ruby Winters.

Seamus Keenan won the under-16 800 metres with remarkable ease, displaying superior endurance and race strategy. His dominance in this middle-distance event highlights his capability as a strong and tactical runner. Sam Doyle and Evan Gamble both showcased their prowess in the 100- metres heats, dominating their respective events with impressive speed. While both were unlucky not to medal in the final, Sam achieved 5th place in the long jump.  

Emmet McShane ran an exceptional 100- metres race, continuing to show improvement in his sprinting abilities. His ongoing development and commitment to bettering his performance make him a promising athlete to watch.Ryan McMahon excelled in the 100 metres, securing a win with a remarkable sprint. He also achieved 2nd place in the long jump, showcasing his athletic ability to compete at a high level across different events.

Hannele Raji, stood out in the under-16 category. She not only won the 100- metres sprint but also secured 2nd place in both the long jump and shot put. Her achievements mark her as a formidable all-around athlete. Shauna Rice ran the under 800 metres in tough conditions and is certainly one to watch in the future. Her sister Aimee secured a commendable 2nd place in the 100 metres u17 race, demonstrating her exceptional speed and sprinting technique. In addition to her success on the track, Aimee also excelled in the field where she achieved 4th place in the long jump, Aimee continued to impress by securing 2nd place in the shot putt.

Team Boyne.

Jack Garvey made a significant impact in the under-17 category by winning the 800 metres by a notable distance. His victory was not just a win but a display of dominance and superior pacing, which set him apart from his competitors. Garvey's performance showcases his endurance and strategic racing, positioning him as a top middle-distance runner with promising prospects for future competitions.

Hannah Newman excelled in the under-19 category, securing victories in both the long jump and shot put. These victories establish her as a formidable multi-disciplinary athlete within her age group. Caoimhin Mc Shane's performance in the under-19 100 metres was nothing short of spectacular. His win in this highly competitive sprint event illustrated his explosive speed.

The pre-Louth Championship was not just a display of athletic prowess but also a testament to the resilience and hard work of young athletes and their coaches. Despite the adverse weather conditions, these young competitors showed that the future of track and field looks incredibly promising. As they continue to develop and refine their skills, the track and field community eagerly anticipates their next performances.


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