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Wednesday, 3rd April 2024

Plans to attract visitors to Drogheda with summer festival and camper van site

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Mi Corridor demographics indicate that there are 2.246 million people living within an hour's drive of Drogheda.

The loss to local tourism of the dHotel was a shock to the whole Drogheda community and a big blow to local businesses, but it has also been the catalyst for some creative thinking that should attract many thousands of day visitors with a week-long festival during the summer and parking spaces for camper vans under consideration.

As chair of the Economic Development Committee on Louth County Council, Councillor Pio Smith has been working with council officials and fellow councillors to put in place measures to help address the negative effects of the government decision to close the hotel to tourists.

"There is no doubt that the loss of the D Hotel to tourism has been a big blow to the town” he said. “All of the wheelchair accessible tourist beds in the town centre are now gone as well as a significant portion of no wheelchair user beds. However there is hope that Drogheda will survive and thrive despite the loss.

“The council are working on a two year plan that is focused on the population distribution along the Dublin Belfast Corridor. There are over two million people living along this corridor that are within a 15 to 60 minute commute to Drogheda. This is a fantastic opportunity to target this population and entice them to visit Drogheda on a day trip.

“The council are marketing the town as a tourist destination of choice for individuals and families to visit on a day basis throughout the summer. Also we are looking at developing a festival specifically for Drogheda that will run over a seven day period in the summer.

“Another avenue we are seeking to develop is attracting people with camper vans. The council will engage with Drogheda Port and other partners to identify a suitable camper van site in Drogheda. Cork Port have a very successful camper van site on their premises that attracts a significant number of visitors on a daily basis.

“The town will be marketed in such a way that day visitors can follow a day itinerary that includes visiting the historic and heritage sites followed by dinner in one of our fantastic restaurants.

“This is a proactive approach to addressing the setback of the loss of tourist beds in Drogheda however there will be more positive actions to come."


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