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Wednesday, 3rd April 2024

Pedestrianising town centre will not work- Callan

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West Street during the pedestrianisation trial in September 2020.

An article on Drogheda Life yesterday sounding out the public attitude to closing off some of the streets in the centre of Drogheda to cars drew a big response on social media, most but not all of it was positive.

The idea of the article was to start a conversation which Councillor Kevin Callan has joined today by saying: “Pedestrianising the town centre area will not work and could cause further economic impact on the businesses in the area.”

The Councillor recalled two days of pedestrianising the street as a trial when he was Mayor from Stockwell Street to the Tholsel back during Covid and said that businesses had been extremely clear to him on the impact that permanent closure could cause.  

“The trial days when we tested this on weekends allowed us to see the issue more clearly and to see what the impact would be” he said.  

“It also gave me a clear understanding of where the business and rate payers stood on the proposed scheme and other considerations such as access to those attending mass in St Peter's and who were accessing pharmacies on the street. People let me know their position and I took that on board at the time and did not advance the issue further.  

“It is evident that of the nearly seventy businesses in the area, all were not in favour of the street closing to traffic and at the end of the day, these businesses are the employers and the people keeping the town centre alive.  

“Any move to pedestrianise any street in Drogheda going forward will require the cooperation, consultation and agreement of the businesses. Having tried the scheme of a test basis I have learned that everyone will need to be on board and this does not look like a viable option in the near future. Rolling road closures for festivals and events are very different to full closure. 

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