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Friday, 19th November 2021

Parents “shocked and dismayed” at further delays at DETSS

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A spokesperson for the Parents/Guardian Council of Drogheda Educate Together Secondary School, Rory Scott, told Drogheda Life that they are “shocked and dismayed” that the development of the permanent school is being continually delayed by discussions between the developer and Meath County Council.

“We are delighted to hear that the planning permission for the additional interim accommodation will be lodged before the end of this month.” “However, our children have already been in Portacabins for three years with limited facilities, are they to see out their school days in Portacabins due to protracted discussions between a developer and Meath County Council?” 

“Over nine months have passed since the Department of Education agreed the school could stay on its current site permanently.

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“The Parent/Guardian Council call on Shannon Homes and Meath County Council in collaboration with the Department of Education to conclude all discussions immediately and proceed with the permanent school development onsite without delay!

“The interests of the children has to be the only priority" he said. 

Liz Donnelly, also speaking on behalf of the Parent/Guardian Council, said: “We call on Minister Foley to confirm that nine months later her department have completed the purchase of the current site for the permanent school and to confirm without delay when the planning permission for the permanent school will be lodged and the estimated opening date of the permanent school.

“We once again call for open and transparent communications between the Department of Education and The Parent/Guardian Council.”

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