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Thursday, 16th November 2023

Opportunity for Ballsgrove kids to enjoy free martial arts classes

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A “Seishin Guardians” session in progress at Red Dragon Ballsgrove Youth Club.

Because physical exercise and hobbies are extremely important to the general wellbeing and development of young people and the broader community, the Drogheda Implementation Board has funded a number of sport and physical activity projects through their small grants programme.

One of those projects, “Seishin Guardians”, an expansion of the Red Dragon Kickboxing and Karate club, has been offering free access to children and young people to the club’s classes for the past number of months.

The classes take place on Sundays in the Holy Family Parish Centre in Ballsgrove. Recently 17 children aged 8-12 from Ballsgrove Youth Club had the opportunity to take part in a taster class with Red Dragon and are excited to become members of the club and continue attending on a weekly basis. Another group of 10 teenagers from the area are planning to take part in another taster class in the coming weeks.

Chloe Kelly, volunteer lead in Youth Work Ireland’s Ballsgrove Youth Club said: “Ballsgrove Youth Club is a volunteer run club with an amazing 55 participants who engage on a weekly basis. Hobbies are such a crucial part of a young person’s life and it’s something we at Ballsgrove Youth Club are passionate about.

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“A huge thank you to Drogheda Implementation Board for linking us up with Red Dragon’s Kickboxing and Karate, enabling 17 of our members to broaden their skills and try a new sport at their first ever taster class which we hope they will get to experience on a weekly basis.

“It was so inspiring to see so many young people show up and get involved in something completely brand new. I’m excited for this new journey for our members.”

The Chair of Drogheda Implementation Board, Michael Keogh, said: “When Drogheda Implementation Board members decided to open our small grants fund it was with the aim of ensuring the community in Drogheda directly benefited from the work of the Board.

“These young people participating in a new sport and trying something new is exactly what we hoped would happen when we announced the grant scheme. We hope more young people from Drogheda will avail of these free classes while they can.”

Paul O’Hannigan, Red Dragon Kickboxing and Karate Treasurer said: “It’s difficult for small clubs with limited resources to attract young students but thanks to Drogheda Implementation Board linking us up with Ballsgrove Youth Club we were able to offer free taster classes to a local group of 8-12 year olds that have never tried martial arts before. 

“They really enjoyed the training and we’re hopeful that some of them have found their sport and will stick with us to work up through the grades and become great martial artists.”

If you have a child aged 8+ that would like to try a free taster class, please email to make arrangements; please keep in mind that class sizes are limited.  For further information on The Red Dragon Martial Arts Club see:

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