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Wednesday, 20th January 2021

Now more than ever we need to look after each other

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We must follow the advice on staying home and wearing masks in public

Retail workers being put at risk from idiots refusing to wear masks

This bloody Coronavirus has taken so much from us, not least our freedom of movement, one of the things that we used to take for granted but is now gone, temporarily at least.

Many people have had family members and loved ones taken from them forever and many more have been separated from loved ones, living abroad or in distant places which in the new reality means anything over 5k.

I know very little about medical matters and how the body works but when you’re confronted with a threat of this scale the sensible thing to do is to do what the experts tell you.

There’s no doubting that it has torn our lives apart but we can’t let it take our human decency, we can’t let ourselves sink into the vile swamp of selfishness.

Thankfully the response to our common enemy has been one of solidarity and the overwhelming sense is that “together we can beat this thing.”

But sadly there is a small rump in society who have rebelled against the “new reality” and see the advice from experts and government as being an infringement of their human rights.

Perhaps rebelled is the wrong word, because that would imply that they have thought this thing through for themselves and come to a reasoned response. In fact they are self-centred and/or stupid people who don’t like being told how to behave. Even if it's for their own good.

Not many people like wearing masks, especially if they also wear glasses, but these idiots object and often refuse to cover their faces in shops and other public places.

Worse, when confronted by staff in the shops they can get quite nasty with people who are simply doing their job and working hard to keep the country going.


Retail workers are just as much in the frontline as nurses and doctors but, from what I hear and have witnessed once or twice, they seem to be fair game for these cretins who probably pick up their wisdom from keyboard warriors on social media who seem to have a gripe with the world.

Of course these individuals are entitled to their opinions no matter how whacky and badly thought out they may be, but what they don’t take into consideration is that there are other people who are very scared and often very vulnerable.

The Irish are famous for being a caring nation and gladly help out with cash and volunteers when disaster strikes in far flung and this is something that we should be very proud of. Our capacity to care for our fellow human beings has helped us box well above our weight in the United Nations and elsewhere on the global scene.

So, on a day when a forward thinking Irishman with roots in County Louth is becoming President of the USA, let’s try to be more like him than the monster he is replacing.

This article was written by Andy Spearman

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