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Wednesday, 14th June 2017

No footpath means Deepforde residents must put their lives at risk

Front Page

“Welcome to Drogheda” says the sign as the footpath (and the cycle lane) come to an abrupt end.

Perhaps there’s some excuse for the perils that pedestrians face on a daily basis in Drogheda town centre, it’s a medieval town and was never designed for motorised traffic.

But really there can be no excuse for pedestrians on the outskirts having to put their lives at risk every time they leave their homes which is the situation that Deepforde residents wishing to walk in to town or to school find themselves in.

About 150 metres from the entrance to their estate the footpath comes to an abrupt halt so they have to make a choice between risking their lives crossing the road to a footpath on the far side, or dice with death by walking along their side of the road just inches from  the speeding cars and trucks.

This ridiculous situation comes about because the footpath stops when it reaches the Louth border.

Not surprisingly the residents are mightily pissed off with the situation and have expressed their concerns to East Meath Fianna Fail Councillor, Stephen McKee who has called on Louth County Council to complete the footpath between Deepforde and Five Oaks as a matter of urgency.

According to McKee, who has received numerous representations from Deepforde residents on the issue, Meath County Council have also written to their counterparts in Louth asking for this important work to be carried out.

“A footpath has already been provided from the Meath side all the way to the County boundary outside Stameen” McKee said. “The onus is now on Louth County Council to finish the job to Five Oaks.

“This is a very busy main road and there is a serious issue, particularly for parents of young children who have to cross the wide road heading towards Drogheda. This work should be done as a matter of urgency before a serious incident occurs.

 “As a young family man who grew up in Stameen and later Grange Rath, I will continue to do all I can to help ensure that road safety measures are a priority on the Dublin Road.

“I am happy to have delivered two new ‘Stop’ signs in addition to two new ‘Children at Play’ signs for Deepforde recently which will hopefully help road safety in that estate.

“That is why I am also pushing strongly along with my colleagues in Louth, Cllr Tommy Byrne and Declan Breathnach TD' for this footpath to be provided.”

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