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Tuesday, 6th February 2024

New book tells the story of Paddy the Flying Pig from Termonfeckin

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Paddy, the Termonfeckin pig, snoozing happily in the mud in the days before he learned to fly.

News just in from Termonfeckin concerns the adventures of a pig called Paddy who until recently spent his days happily eating and sleeping his days away in his owner, Mrs McGuirk’s farmyard but things started to go horribly wrong shortly after he learned to fly.

Lots of strange things happen in Termonfeckin but this story is purely fictional and takes place between the covers of a new book for children called Paddy The Flying Pig which was written by Caius Julyan.

Caius Julyan was born and raised in London but knows a lot about the goings on in Termonfeckin because his mother Eithne Cumiskey was born there and they visit relatives regularly. Paddy The Flying Pig is inspired by bedtime stories read to Caius and his sister Alex by their father Ron.

The story begins when an unexpected encounter with the King of the Fairies results in Paddy being granted two extraordinary magical powers, life couldn’t look any better or so he thought.

But at almost the exact same moment, evil pub landlord Colm Quigley has a chance encounter of his own…with ruthless property developer Tom O’Meaney.

The pair hatch a plan to evict Mrs McGuirk, bulldoze her beloved home and build Ireland’s biggest sausage factory – with Paddy as its first victim! Sounds familiar.

What chance do Paddy, Mrs McGuirk, 9 year old Aiden, potato seller Noggin - and the fairies have against two wicked and determined men, who plan to turn Paddy into rashers and themselves into millionaires?

If pigs could fly, they'd look like this!

The beautiful illustrations are by Frances Schofield. The Audible version is narrated by Dublin actor Allan Keating, edited by Bafta winner Chris Beresford with music composed by Jim Meacock.

Downoad the ebook HERE  Download the Audible version HERE 

Talking about his memories of Termonfeckin and his visits home, Caius told Drogheda Life that although born and raised in London, and still living there, summer holidays in the 60's & 70's were often spent in Termonfeckin visiting members of the Cumiskey family.

“Although, like everywhere, much has changed, much has also stayed recognisably the same since those far-off decades: there's still only one village pub, a Protestant and Catholic Church and very few shops. People still mostly know their neighbours.

Paddy the Pig meeting with the fairies.
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