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Tuesday, 16th April 2024

New €1.5m system may herald the end to Drogheda’s traffic congestion

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Councillor Pio Smith at the Dublin Road.

Traffic congestion in Drogheda has become considerably worse over the past ten years due to a number of factors not least of which is population growth. However, according to Cllr Pio Smith, travelling around town might be about to get easier particularly for residents on the Dublin Road and Trinity Street.

Cllr Smith said " There are a number of roads that are heavily congested in the town for example Ballmakenny Road, Rathmullen Road, The North Road to name but a few. I have engaged with engineers on this issue over the years and I am glad to say that the beginning of the end to traffic congestion might be in sight.

As part of the Active Travel measures for Drogheda, engineers have agreed to replace the traffic lights along the route from Southgate, Dublin Road, Bullring, Dual Carriageway over to Trinity Street at a cost of approximately 1.5 million euro. The cost of replacing the Bullring lights alone will cost 350,000 euro.

“The new system is called MOVA which is designed to cater for the full range of traffic conditions, from very low flows through to a junction that is overloaded.

“For the major part of the range – before congestion occurs, MOVA operates in a delay minimising mode; if any approach becomes overloaded, the system switches to a capacity maximising procedure. 

“MOVA utilises smart technology to determine which arm of the road is busiest and automatically switches to red or green on other roads.

“This is a significant investment and will eventually be rolled out to the whole town. However from 2025 onwards motorists on the Dublin Road/Trinity Street route can look forward to less congestion and traffic delays"

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