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Thursday, 16th September 2021

National Bike Week events point out flaws in Drogheda’s roads

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Cyclists of all ages and abilities took part in the Drogheda cycling Group's outing last Sunday.

This is National Bike Week and as someone who has recently rediscovered two wheeled, self-propelled transport, I decided to get involved in any local activities I could.

Last Sunday I joined members of the Drogheda Cycling group on a sociable cycle out the old Slane road to the Obelisk Bridge, up to Oldbridge House for tea and buns and back to Drogheda via the board walk and Ramparts.

I’ve also started to use the bike to nip in and out of town whenever I can because the traffic and parking in Drogheda is so chaotic. It has often taken me 20 minutes to find a parking space.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had the buns at Oldbridge because the pleasure of cycling for someone like me who is overweight and has a bad knee is tinged with a certain amount of pain, especially in the derriere region.

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This is because the topography of Drogheda means that there are plenty of hills which can be good or bad, depending on whether you’re going up or down.

The pain in the bum for cyclists is exacerbated by the multitude of potholes on the roads and it is a strong reminder that we really do need to start thinking about providing facilities for bikes as well as cars and trucks.

It has to be said though, that the majority of drivers do respect cyclists and give us a wide berth. There are of course the exceptions such as the “boy racer” with a huge exhaust box and a small underused brain, who though it would be a bit of fun to frighten the crap out of me the other day by passing far too close for comfort as I cycled along the newly resurfaced road at Donor’s Green.

Drogheda Gardaí turned out t support the Drogheda Cycling Group's outing on Sunday. 

The Drogheda Cycling group was set up to promote cycling in the Drogheda area and to work with public representatives to provide more cycling facilities in Ireland’s largest town. I can only wish them well in that endeavour.

They are hosting a night ride at 8pm tonight Thursday 16th, leaving from Bolton Square. Free hi vis vests will be provided to all participants – lights and helmets are required for this cycle.

“Anyone who has driven through Drogheda lately can see that our town is heavily congested, this despite the completion of the motorway over a decade ago” said a spokesperson for the group, Noel Hogan.

“It’s obvious that more roads doesn’t solve the problem of traffic congestion” he continued.

“Cycling is an obvious alternative to the car particularly for short journeys and it’s Drogheda Cycling’s aim to encourage this shift away from car culture to a healthier, more sustainable alternative.

“With the help of the citizens of Drogheda we will change our town – for the better and forever.”

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