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Friday, 5th July 2024

Nash calls for ‘Limerick 2030-style’ approach to renewal of Drogheda

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Deputy Ged Nash signs his nomination papers alongside Deputy Duncan Smith TD who chaired the selection convention at Barlow House in Drogheda last night. On right is the Labour Party’s National Organiser Aideen Blackwood.

Local TD Ged Nash has said that a ‘Limerick 2030-style’ approach should be considered to renew and regenerate Drogheda. 

Speaking after his selection by Louth Labour members to run for the next general election, Deputy Nash said: “I want to see an end to the crippling fatalism that pervades Drogheda at this moment in time.

“We have had many blows in recent years and indeed in recent weeks and we now need real leadership to move beyond these difficult times, and to move forward. 

“What drives me every day is the potential our great small city has, and how we can use the levers at national, local and EU level to help Drogheda and this region be the economic, social and cultural powerhouse we all know it can be. 

“Too many people in positions of responsibility feel their job is done by highlighting and commentating on Drogheda’s problems. 

“That’s the easy thing to do, and it would be easy for me as an opposition TD to sit back and follow suit. 

“Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are far from blameless when it comes to a lack of meaningful investment and action for Drogheda. Their record is there to be seen and they will have to account for that. 

“The next general election that I will be proud to contest opens up new possibilities for our small city.” 

The Louth Labour TD said: “I will be seeking the support of the people of Drogheda, all of Louth and parts of East Meath to be re-elected to the Dail and I make no bones about my ambition to be at the heart of a government, with my Party at the centre, in an effort to drive social and economic change in our badly neglected towns and cities, including Drogheda. 

“There is superb work being carried out by activists, individual Councillors, Council officials with all too limited resources and other constraints, by the business community too and so many other stakeholders to protect, conserve, revive and renew our town. 

“This all needs to be respect, valued and harnessed and matched by the same amount of energy and a reforming zeal at national government level that will deliver for Drogheda and other urban centres.

“The West Gate vision public realm project has real potential to start to shift the dial. 

“In my view a radical, plan-led and properly resourced approach to Drogheda’s regeneration needs to be considered.” 

He concluded: “The Limerick 2030 approach has worked well for Limerick city. The setting up of a similar Special Purpose Vehicle owned by the Council to CPO sites, provide back-up finance and master plan key sites for job creation, and social and cultural amenities with formal elected representative, community-sector and property-owner involvement could be the key to changing the direction of our small city.”

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