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Saturday, 8th June 2024

Narrow West Street closed for a week to protect public safety

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Narrow West Street as it looks this morning - sadder than ever.

By Andy Spearman

Having voted after work yesterday afternoon I did like many others do on a Friday and went for a pint. There was much talk of politics and the merits of the various candidates and then someone came in with the news that Narrow West Street had been closed because one of the derelict buildings there had been closed for public safety reasons. 

How ironic is it that on the very day that the public voted for who they want to represent them on the local authority, the people who actually have the power, the full time Council officials, finally acted on what has been for years a glaringly obvious danger on Drogheda’s main Street?

That left me with a dilemma. Do I go home and write up the story or do I have another pint? I thought about it for a micro second and opted for another pint.

So, the inevitable has finally happened. After decades of neglect by property owners and inaction from Louth County Council, Narrow West Street had to be closed to protect the public from the real danger of being injured or killed by falling masonry.

You really couldn’t make it up. The public and, it has to be said, some elected representatives, have been warning of just this possibility and campaigning for action to be taken to stop the rot for years and years. I could go on but I’m just too angry. Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings don’t you know.

Anyway, here’s the Council’s official public safety notice: 

Public Safety Notice – Drogheda Town – Louth County Council – 7th June 2024 

Following ongoing engagement with a property owner, and due to concerns about the current condition of a Dangerous Structure/Building on Narrow West Street Drogheda, Louth County Council has instigated immediate emergency measures to ensure the safety of the public.

Louth County Council is appealing to members of the public to adhere to all safety measures and avoid closed areas. 

Road and footpath closures will be in place from Friday the 7th of June at 3:30pm to Friday the 14th of June 5pm to facilitate emergency works to be carried out on Narrow West Street as follows: 

  • Road closed along Narrow West St from the junction of Narrow West/Father Connoly Way to Narrow West Street junction with Patrickswell Lane.
  • Diversion in place via Father Connolly Way, Dominick Street & Patrickswell Lane then back on to Narrow West Street.
  • Footpath closed along Scholes Lane from Fair Street down to Narrow West Street.
  • Footpath closed on both sides of Narrow West Street from junction with Scholes Lane to Patrickswell Street.

Louth County Council thanks the public for their attention and assistance in avoiding these areas in the interest of safety.

Update to Public Safety Notice  

Louth County Council have been engaging with a property owner of a structure at 74-76 Narrow West Street Drogheda. Noting the worryingly deteriorating condition of the building, Louth County Council commissioned independent technical advice which was received this evening. 

As the advice given raised grave concerns, and with public safety of paramount importance, Louth County Council has issued a revised Dangerous Structure Notice to the building owner instructing that immediate measures to demolish are required. 

Road closures and foot path closures have been instigated and diversions are in place in the area of the Dangerous Structure. These are expected to remain in place until the works are complete and the area made safe. 

The public are asked to please adhere to road and pedestrian diversions. Louth County Council acknowledges that the diversions may cause some disruption and thanks the public for their cooperation while the area is made safe. 

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