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Thursday, 13th February 2020

Murdered teenager Keane Mulready Woods laid to rest

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Murder victim Keane Mulreay Woods who'se funeral took place today.

“People taking drugs are fuelling this violence” - Fr.Phil Gaffney.

“In the name of God let it end now.”

“Keane had his troubles and was young and naive enough to fall in with the wrong people, not knowing or anticipating the dire consequences. 

“I hope that his death will be a warning to other young teenagers who are been groomed by the ruthless criminals, that the promise of money and gifts will inevitably end in tragedy.” These words were spoken this morning by Fr. Phil Gaffeny during his homily at the funeral of the murdered teenager Keane Mulready Woods.

He offered his deepest and most prayerful sympathies to Kean’s family, his Mam and Dad, Elizabeth and Barry, his sister Courtney, his brothers Darren, Ryan and Jack and his extended family.

“There is a great sense of relief that, at last, the waiting has come to an end” Fr. Gaffney said.  

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“Our first reaction today is one of great sympathy for Keane’s parents and family for the great crime committed against a brother and a son, for the great wrong that was done to them. 

“Along with that there has to be great anger and even sadness, great fear and pain perhaps, at the thought that we live in a society where certain people took upon themselves to “play God” with regard to the life of Keane Mulready Woods. 

“They took upon themselves to be judge and jury, and executioner.  What arrogance.  What appalling wickedness and evil.  God alone is the Lord of Life – from its beginning to its end.  No-one can, under any circumstances, claim for himself, the right to directly destroy another human being!

“To say that the death of Keane has shocked and appalled the town of Drogheda would be a total understatement.  This young man, at the time not 18 years of age, has been lost in the most gruesome way to his family.

“We know that Keane’s tragic death has devastated you.  We all want to reach out to you with love and reassurance.  We all want to gather round you to uphold you.  We want to mourn with you.  We want to pray with you for Keane…

"This feud in Drogheda has to end sometime.  Let’s all hope and pray it ends before more lives are lost. 

“…  Keane’s death seems so utterly inappropriate.  It violates our sense of order.  In our view of life, death and childhood are poles apart, and seventeen years simply does not seem the right time to die - it does not seem to add up.

"Please learn from his mistakes, getting involved with dangerous criminals, thinking some of them were his friends and yet they would sacrifice him in such a brutal manner. ..  He has gone to God who will love and protect him until you see him again in the life of the world to come.  We ask God to forgive him for his faults and failings and to be merciful to him.

"People who are taking drugs on a social basis have to realise that what they are doing is fuelling this situation of violence.  The problem arises from the ‘normalisation’ of a drugs culture here in Ireland.  Drug taking, “doing a line of coke”, has become as normal as having a drink.  We need a nationwide response from our Government.

"This third drug-feud related killing in the area of Keane Mulready Woods “spread fear throughout the community that anybody could carry out such an act of brutality.  This murder has really brought about an unparalleled level of revulsion throughout the country…”

"Our Gardaí have been doing their best in the most difficult circumstances to cope with the effects of this feud on the town and its environs.  They deserve all our help and support in their efforts in whatever way we can.

"We, the priests in Holy Family parish, along with our bishop, appeal once again as we have done in the past to those responsible: In the name of God let it end now."


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