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Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Motoring Memories competition - shortlist open for public vote

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Happy days! Anyone remember the Morris Oxford Traveller? Photo: British Motor Museum.

We received some lovely stories for our recent competition, in conjunction with, to find your favourite motoring memories and today we publish the five shortlisted entries and have decided to throw it open for readers to vote for their favourite.

The story with the most votes will win €350 worth of shop local vouchers for its author, the second placed story wins €100 of vouchers and the third gets €50 worth.

Click the image inthe middle and at bottom of this page to vote for the story of your choice. The results will be announecd on Monday next, October 26.

“The Red Renault 4” by Sinead Boylan, Duleek

My great memory of my childhood is a car story from the 80’s.....My dad had a lovely red Renault 4 and myself and my mam, dad and 3 siblings headed off to Bettystown beach on a fab summers afternoon.

We drove down on to the beach and had a lovely picnic, built sandcastles, played tennis, had ice cream and had great fun all afternoon. In the evening we decided to go into the sea to cool off and go for a swim.

All of a sudden the tide started to come in and before we knew it my dad’s pride and joy, his lovely Red Renault 4, was surrounded by water...and was starting to float...we all started screaming for help for someone to come and give us a push to get the car out.

Lucky enough there were a few strong men to come to the rescue and save the day.  We all got back home in one piece. Certainly a great childhood memory and we still talk about it today...

“The London Bus!” by Sean Hynes, Drogheda

Many moons ago on the morning of my bus licence test for London buses I went for a pre-test run with my teacher one hour before test and as I was leaving I pulled straight out in front of a car coming as I was so nervous.

Immediately the instructor stopped the bus and made me sit back and told me to relax and not think about what just happened while another colleague took over.

One hour later I took my test in the same bus and passed straight away and became a London bus driver a job which I enjoyed very much but it was the reassuring instructor that morning who knew what to do when he knew I was a good driver and it was just nerves that got the better of me. With his kind words I felt ok and I always remember that man for that. 

“First Driving Test” by Sorcha McKernan, Clogherhead

I had my first driving test on New Year’s Eve just gone. I was so nervous and I ended up bringing my own car. I didn’t have the best driving instructor (I didn’t know that at the time!) and he didn’t teach me what was supposed to be taught on the first lesson, the engine basics.

Anyway, I arrive at the test centre and went in to answer my questions before the test. Myself and the tester went out to the car to which he asks me to open the bonnet of the car.

I knew it was a lever of some sort inside the footwell... I just didn’t know which side. I had seen the lever in cars on the passenger side so I went there first, even though it was a Volkswagen. To my surprise it wasn’t there, I panicked and quickly looked at the driver side and somehow missed it which panicked me even more!

At the time, I thought the tester was just checking the car to see if it was ok to drive considering it was my own car, I had no idea I was being tested on this! I asked him does he know how to open the bonnet to which I was told to just go back into the test centre. So I ended up failing before I even got into the car!

I haven’t texted my instructor since and swapped schools completely, I am now officially on the roads and I also know how to open my bonnet...

“The Forgotten Disc” by Sarah Murray, Drogheda

The first time I took my test was in Drogheda. I went in, done the few picture questions... all going great. Get into the car and check the indicators, brakes and all that jazz...

Instructor looks at discs and says, "your insurance is out of date". I was like, impossible, I paid it! Dopey me only forgot to put new disc in!!!

I said to instructor, "I'll just fly home and get it, I'll be 10 mins max". She just said, you'll fly nowhere, you failed. 

“An unexpected Passenger!” by Keith Walsh, Laytown

Late last year I collected my son from his preschool in Laytown, he hopped in the car, I strapped him in and away we went.

Leaving the estate where the preschool is I reached a T-Junction coming on to the main road. At the corner was an old woman who was waiting to cross the road, I couldn't tell if she wanted to cross the minor road I was on or the main road as I wanted to let her cross.

I caught her eye and pointed at both roads in an attempt to ask her what direction she was going. 

The lady, a complete stranger, just waved and smiled, walked to my car, opened the back door and got in, and said "Thanks Love, you're very good, just drop me at the Chemist in Bettystown"!! 

Although it was the complete opposite direction to where I was going, what else could I do but drive her to the chemist.

We chatted as I drove her to her destination, and when she got out she said, "Thanks love, you needn't wait, I've a few bits to do" and off she went!  A fond memory of a pre-covid world.

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