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Tuesday, 11th January 2022

McQuillan asks Council to give Ballsgrove Gate “a bit of TLC

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Ballsgrove Gate - badly in need of a bit of TLC says Councillor Paddy McQuillan.

Councillor Paddy McQuillan has asked Louth County Council to give Ballsgrove Gate “a bit of TLC “ and to investigate the possibility of having it registered as a national monument or protected structure.

He told yesterday’s meeting that the Gate, which was built in 1804 in the form of a triumphal arch for carriages flanked by two pedestrian gateways and was once the entrance to the Ballsgrove House estate, is in “a state of disarray.”

“It’s got moss and ivy growing on it and a tree growing out of the top of it” he said. “The gates themselves are completely rusted and it needs a bit of TLC.

He pointed out that the gate is on the main artery through the town and it “looks pretty bad and needs to be addressed.”

“From what I can gather there has been no work carried out on the gate in eleven years so it is overdue for attention he said.”

McQuillan proposed to the council that if the gate is not already a protected structure that they should investigate the possibility of making it one because “... it is a beautiful piece of infrastructure and anyone driving through town will see it.

Councillor Paddy McQuillan.

“If the matter could be addressed I would be very grateful” he concluded.

Council Senior Engineer Mark Johnson told the meeting that he would have to refer the matter of having the Gate declared a protected structure to the planning section.

“I’m not sure what the process is but the planning section will advise you on that” he said.

After the meeting Councillor McQuillan said he would continue to work with planning and the relevant sections to have these works carried out to improve the look of the gate.

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