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Tuesday, 26th September 2023


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Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 48(9) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, that Louth County Council at its meeting held on 18th September 2023, decided to adopt a Development Contribution Scheme that applies to development within the functional area of Louth County Council, with the exception of the area covered by the North Drogheda - R132 to Dublin-Belfast Railway Line Development Contribution Scheme (Map Reference No. DDCS1). The Scheme is effective immediately and will be applied to all decisions to grant permission which are made after 18th September 2023, irrespective of when the application was submitted to the Council.

The Scheme provides for the following:

Residential: €11,646 per dwelling unit;

Commercial: €90.00 per square metre of site area;

Other contributions apply to different development categories, and the Scheme also allows for exemptions and reductions in particular categories.
Please refer to the Adopted Scheme for details.

The Scheme also provides for adjustment of the contribution rates payable on
1st January each year, based on changes to the Wholesale Price Index for Capital Goods, Building and Construction, published by the Central Statistics Office.

The full version of the Adopted Development Contribution Scheme 2023 for the County of Louth can be viewed at all Louth County Council Customer Service Desks during their respective opening hours or online at

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