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Monday, 11th June 2018

Galway: 57, Drogheda: nil

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John Kierans.

Congratulations to the motorists of the West.  They just landed a new 57 km motorway and it is TOLL FREE.

The recently opened M18 looks just like the 91 km motorway that serves Louth and coastal Meath.  It even has the same funding model, that is, it is a Public Private Partnership. 

But the motorists of the west are better served by their politicians.  Their motorway is TOLL FREE.  Unlike motorists in our constituency they do not have to pay €1,000 a year in tolls just to get to work.

If you visit the National Roads Authority website you will see that commuters using the M18 have 70% less traffic to cope with than we do on the M1.  In other words, commuters using the M18 get more motorway per head than we do on the M1 AND they get it for FREE!     

We can get rid of road tolls in our constituency if we can create the political will to do so.  This means that political parties need to adopt a nationwide toll free policy in order to treat all motorists equally.  Our local politicians need to do what I am doing.  They need to convince their own parties to adopt a toll free policy as part of their transport policy.

As I have said before, I am not interested in pointless protesting or moaning about road tolls.  I am only interested in success, in winning.  I am implementing a plan that can work only with your help.  Together we can achieve something special. Join us at

This article was written by John Kierans.

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