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Tuesday, 5th December 2017

Faulty West Street Christmas lights to be replaced

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The beautiful Christmas tree at the West End of West Street stands like a beacon whilst in the darkness behind can be seen light units that are not lit up. Photo: Andy Spearman.

The newly leased Christmas Lights in West Street have been greeted with something less than universal enthusiasm with more than half of them not working but Drogheda Life can reveal that the situation should be fixed by the weekend.

Trader Niall KIerans, the man who for more years than he cares to remember has taken it upon himself to make Drogheda look its most festive each Christmas with, it has to be said, a very tight budget, told Drogheda Life that the new lights which were installed by a team of volunteers last week were defective.

Each of the overhead light units contains some 185 bulbs and shortly after they were installed they started blowing. Niall reckons that so far some 2,000 of the bulbs have blown.

The good news however is that the suppliers have agreed to replace them all and contractors will be installing the new lights in the next day or two.

“We’re asking the good citizens of Drogheda to bear with us on this matter” Niall said. “What was happening was that not only were the bulbs blowing, they were actually popping and falling into the street. I’m told that one of them actually caught fire but I didn’t see that for myself.”

“I was down last night and there was a team of volunteers replacing bulbs but I said, lads, you’re wasting your time here, as fast as you’re replacing bulbs they’re blowing again, you could hear bulbs blowing up and down the street.

“I made a call to the suppliers and they agreed to replace the whole lot with different bulbs. Three crews have been detailed to work on replacing the lights and, weather permitting, they should all be replaced by the weekend.”

The Christmas lights in West Street with big dark gaps where some of the new lights have not worked.

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