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Tuesday, 14th May 2019

Drogheda’s newest athletics club hits the ground running

Front Page

Ace athletes prior to the start of the Drogheda 10k:  Judith Faulkner, Ryan Holcroft, Eileen Bruke, Edel Gartland, David Robertson, Paddy Clarke.  Front: Olive Carroll, Anne Marie Garcia, Angela Kearney.

A busy and successful debut week for Ace AC!

Amongst the 2,000 or more people who took to the streets of Drogheda for the Yapstone Drogheda 10k on Sunday were members of Drogheda’s newest athletics club Ace Athletics. They train at St. Oliver's CC, at Oldbridge and on the beach and were very proud to wear their green and grey club colours and ran with pride.

Among the runners were Angela Kearney, Judith Faulkner, Anne Marie Garcia, David Robertson, Olive Carroll, Edel Gartland, Julie O’Shea, Eileen Burke, Ryan Holcroft and Paddy Clarke, most of whom achieved pb’s whilst others were more interested in the sheer camaraderie and team spirit of the day.

A special mention must go out to Ella Cosgrove, a junior member who walked one of the toughest routes in the North East for the first time!

Ace Athletics would like to say a huge thank you to Yapstone and their fellow Drogheda athletic club Drogheda and District Ac for putting on a fantastic day.  The fact that is was in the hometown of Ace was the icing on the cake!

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But it did not stop there.  A huge group from the club hit the road bright and early Monday morning and headed for Co. Laois to take part in St Albans AC annual sports day.  This event gave the Ace juveniles the opportunity to show off their club gear for the first time and were all super excited to do so.

First up was the under 9’s 60m race which saw Niamh Faulkner come 6th in her heat and Nathan Robertson come 1st in the boy’s final.  The boys also did fantastic with Alex Roberston coming 1st in his under 12’s 80m race returning from injury.

Up next was Lauren Faulkner who managed an impressive 7th place in her 80m under 10’s race while Sruthi Prasad came 3rd and Chloe Cooney came 2nd in the girls under 11 80m final.  Shola Lawrence did amazing in the under 12’s 80m final finishing in 1st place and Lorcan Forde Dunne coming 2nd in the boy’s race of same distance.  Eimear Cooney came 6th in her under 13’s race with Isabella Garcia and Chloe Hanley both showing impressive performances.

On to longer distances then and yet again Ace did not disappoint.  Nathan Roberston scooped 1st place in his boys under 9 300m final and in the girl’s race Chloe Cooney managed 2nd place and Sruthi Prasad came 3rd

Up again was Lorcan Forde Dunne for the boys under 11 300m final where he came 1st and the girls under 12 saw Shola Lawrence continue her winning streak finishing in 1st place and team mate Chloe Hanley come 3rd.  In the girls under 13 race Eimear Cooney scooped a 2nd place medal while Isabella Garcia finished in 7th place. 

The boys under 13 were fantastic also with Shea O’Donnell finishing in 1st place and Emmet McEvoy finishing 3rd.  Meadhbh Nolan had a fantastic under 15’s race managing to finish 3rd while Anna Faulkner who has shown great determination in recent weeks finished 1st place in the girls under 16’s.  Cliodhna Nolan ran superbly in the junior ladies 700m race and finished in 1st place.  Killian McLoughlin also had an impressive race in the boys under 17 1200m taking home a 2nd place silver medal.

All relay teams did very well too but a special mention must to go out to the over 16’s relay which saw coaches Jennifer Brennan and Liam Cooney team up with Anna Faulkner and Cliodhna Nolan showing everyone that the taking part and having fun is just as much part of this fantastic sport!

Tayo Lawrence, Fergus Nolan Rhys Clarke also ran very well on the day.  Although the journey was long, the sheer excitement and passion of these young athletes coupled with the fantastic atmosphere and support from St Albans made for a very enjoyable day!

Meabh Nolan, Amelia Lawrence, Saren Meite, Eadaoin Carroll proudly wear the Ace AC colours.

Louth Championships

Ace Athletic club had the most amazing first week with the Louth Championships starting on Thursday evening.  The wettest chilliest May evening did not stop the athletes coming out and showing fantastic performances all round. 

The under 11 girls’ team of Chloe Cooney, Naiya Semple, Sruthi Prasad and in her first race ever Carla Nugent took home 1st place medals.  First place also went to the girls under 12 team with smiles all round from Chloe Cooney, Chloe Hanley, Shola Lawrence and Kate Culhane.  Under 13 boys achieved gold with the team of Alex Robertson, Emmet McEvoy, Lorcan Forde Dunne and an amazing finish by Shea O'Donnell.  3rd place went to both the girls (Eadaoin Carroll, Saran Meite, Amelia Lawrence and Meabh Nolan) and boys (Danny Nugent, Ben Hughes, Neil Culhane and Caelan Quinn) teams in under 15’s relay and to finish the evening off with gold the boys under 16 team of Christian Quinn, Callum Sheedy, Killian McLoughlin and Josh Nulty.

The weekend took the athletes to Glenmore AC grounds in Bush Co Louth where yet again Ace Athletics shone brightly. The long jump saw podium finishes by Nathan Robertson 1st place in under 9’s, Naiya Semple 1st place under 10’s and Shola Lawrence also grabbing gold in under 12’s age group. Amelia Lawrence succeeded in achieving 5th place in girls under 15 while Roisin Kennedy took silver and Anna Faulkner achieved 5th place having never competed in long jump before!! High jump was no different in seeing some new faces to the competition with Lorcan Forde Dunne achieving 2nd place in the boys under 12. Shea O’Donnell and Emmet McEvoy took 1st and 2nd place in the boys under 13 respectively and Sophie Gartland achieved 2nd place in the girls under 16.

The sprints saw Ace do fantastically well over the two days with the 60m distance see athletes such as Nathan Robertson finish in 3rd place in under 9’s. Under 10’s saw Jack McDonnell achieve 3rd place and Naiya Semple finish in 4th for the girl’s race of equal distance. Under 11’s saw Sruthi Prasad finish 1st and Chloe Cooney finish in 2nd place. Shola Lawrence took home another gold medal in the girls under 12 race and Shea O Donnell take home a bronze medal in the boys under 13.

The 100m sprints up next where Ben Hughes took gold in the boys under 15 and Saran Meite took bronze in the girl’s race of same distance. Sophie Gartland did amazing in the girls under 16 race finishing in a very comfortable 1st place.

The 200m distance also saw some fantastic performances from Ace with Ella McLoughlin finishing 4th in her heat, Saran Meite in 1st place girls under 15, Sophie Gartland yet again achieving gold in the girls under 16 and Killian McLoughlin finishing 3rd in the boys under 17.

Nathan Robertson did fantastic in the boys under 9 300m race finishing in 1st place and Naiya Semple showed there is no stopping her finishing 4th in the girls under 10 500m.

A champion in the making - Tayo Lawrence of Ace tries out the winner's podium.

Next up was the 600m distance where Chloe Cooney finished 1st and Carla Nugent in her second ever race finished 6th in the girls under 11. Tadhg Forde Dunne finished 4th in the boys under 11 while Chloe Hanley achieved 4th place and Shola Lawrence finished 1st in the girls under 12 races. Shea O Donnell had a fantastic 1st place finish in the boys under 13 while Eimear Cooney finished 3rd in the girls race of equal distance.

The 800m distance saw plenty of podium finishes with Paddy Price and Caelan Quinn achieving 1st and 3rd place respectively in the boys under 14. The under 15 race was just as exciting to watch with Danny Nugent finishing 1st, Ben Hughes finishing 2nd in the boy’s race and Saran Meite achieving 2nd place in the girl’s race. Anna Faulkner was outstanding again in the girls under 16 gaining a gold medal and Christian Quinn finished 3rd in the boys under 17 and Cliodhna Nolan finished 3rd in the girls under 19.

The longest distance for the two days was 1500m and yet again saw many podium finishes. Ella McLoughlin showed fantastic improvement and that all her hard training is paying off by finishing 3rd in the girls under 14 race, while Eabha Cosgrove and Maebh Nolan finished 4th and 5th respectively in the under 15’s race. Neil Culhane also did amazingly by achieving gold in the boys under 15 race and in the under 16 girls race we saw Anna Faulkner and Roisin Kennedy finish in 1st and 2nd place respectively.

The boys under 17 race could not be overlooked with 3 Ace athletes on the podium; Callum Sheedy gold, Christian Quinn silver and Killian McLoughlin bronze. Cliodhna Nolan was the last up for this distance and managed a fantastic 1st place finish.

The turbo javelin was no different when it saw Maebh Byrne under 9 girls and Tadgh Forde Dunne under 11 boys both achieve gold in their first ever attempt!

There were also fantastic performances from other athletes such as Rhys Clarke, Niamh and Lauren Faulkner, Kate O’Donnell, Isabella and Allie Garcia, Kate Culhane, Luca McLoughlin and Tayo Lawrence to name but a few who all showed brilliant attitudes and wore the new green and grey club gear very well!



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