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Friday, 11th January 2019

Drogheda man to bring his JobPath findings to Dáil Committee

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The United People Party Leader, Jeff Rudd.

Drogheda man Jeff Rudd, the leader of a little known political party called United People which he founded himself in 2015, says he has uncovered hundreds of cases of people being abused by the operators of the back to work scheme JobPath.

As a result, Rudd, who has spent three years investigating JobPath, has been invited to address the Joint Committee on Social Affairs and Protection in Dáil Éireann on the 17th of January.

United People currently has no elected representatives at either local or national level but Jeff, a former member of Direct Democracy Ireland, says he will be putting himself forward for election in Drogheda in May.

For the past three years Mr. Rudd and other members of his party have been investigating JobPath, a back to work scheme established some years back by the Department of Employment Affairs and Public Protection which they contracted out to be operated by to two private companies.

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In the North East of the country the scheme is administered by a company called Seetec Limited. In the South it is run by another company, Turas Nua.

Rudd says he has spoken to over a thousand people throughout Ireland during his investigation into JobPath and that he and other members of United People have uncovered hundreds of cases of abuse of the system.

“The amount of abuses that are now on file with myself and with United People, runs into hundreds in number” he told Drogheda Life.

As a result, Rudd and party colleague Damien Fagan have been invited to address the Joint Committee on Social Affairs and Protection in Dail Eireann on the 17th of January when they will be considering the JobPath scheme.

They have been asked to address the committee on the issue and to answer questions from Committee members.

 “On the day we shall be releasing at least three documents - free - for the public to download and read” Rudd said, adding that they make for “genuinely shocking reading.” 

“They entail many cases of abuse that up till now has been state buried away from public attention. We intend on the day, to share these experiences and more to the public.”

On their web site describe themselves as follows: 

What is United People?

United People is a new political party for Ireland. It is one that is staying away from past acts of cronyism, nepotism, political and white-collar corruption-something too often combined with elected at all levels, within our public districts.

United People is just not that however! Under it’s own policy aims is an enshrined constitutional desire l make all local and national elected, including government departments far more accountable to the public-all year-every year.

We believe that in a fast modern world, five years is now too long a period, to regain an opportunity to remove those that lie, U-turn, misrepresent and even hide information. Genuine local and state management should be more honest and fair.

We believe that-Participatory Democracy-should be more effectively returned to the people of Ireland This was something constitutional planned for but was quietly, undemocratically removed by previous elected not wishing to be better accountable Io voters.

United People seeks better accountability. If we all gain that, we gain better representation-thus better state management.

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