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Thursday, 29th February 2024

Drogheda Business leaders discuss D Hotel concerns with Justice Minister

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Drogheda Chamber President Hubert Murphy (left) and Love Drogheda BIDS CEO Trevor Connolly who met with Justice Minister Helen McEntee on Tuesday to discuss the D Hotel situation.

Drogheda Chamber President, Hubert Murphy and Drogheda BIDS CEO, Trevor Connolly, met Justice Minister Helen McEntee and Fergus O'Dowd TD on Tuesday to try to resolve ongoing concerns in relation to the d Hotel and its proposed change of use to that of accommodation for asylum seekers.

The resulting impact on the town's economy and tourist trade has been described as 'potentially devastating' by members of the business community.

“The significant loss of bed nights in a town already in dire need of more accommodation could impact the area for years to come” the Chamber says in a statement issued this morning.

"We found the minister very supportive of Drogheda and she clearly understands the landscape here. She was a major player in the formation of the Drogheda Implementation Board and helped deliver a key piece of infrastructure that has been vital for the town since its inception," said Hubert Murphy.

Trevor Connolly the CEO of the Lobve Drogheda BIDS group added: "We have pushed for an economic analysis to be conducted by the Department of a given area before major decisions like this are thrust upon towns and communities.

“We have sought a reversal of this proposal due to the overall economic impact this will have on the town's tourism and hospitality sector for years to come".

Following lengthy debate, Minister McEntee said that she was committed to assisting how she can and would update the business bodies again in the coming days.

"We thank the minister for meeting us. This is about finding a way to bridge the gap between the humanitarian needs of desperate people and the needs of the biggest town in Ireland. A way has to be found and quickly,' the business groups added.


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