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Monday, 2nd March 2020

Demands for pedestrian crossing increase as little girl struck by car in Tullyallen

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Chaos outside Tullyallen National at pick up time. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that there is no pedestrian crossing anywhere in the village.

Girl (8) run down as Council dither over providing pedestrian crossing

Local Road Safety Committee demanding action from Council for years

 “Last Friday afternoon an eight year-old girl was injured when she was struck by a car as she crossed the road in the vicinity of the shops in Tullyallen Village as she made her way home from Tullyallen National School.

The little girl, who is in second class at Tullyallen NS and is due to make her first Communion in May, is still in hospital today with injuries that are serious though, thankfully, not life threatening.

 The psychological impact could remain with her for a very long time and, because the accident was witnessed by a large number of her school friends, they may well suffer psychological effects also.

Friday’s accident comes just four weeks after the Tullyallen Road Safety Committee gave a presentation to Councillors at the February meeting of the Borough District of Drogheda in which they were at pains to point out that is no pedestrian crossing for the 500 pupils at the school or anywhere else in the village of Tullyallen.

The Road Safety Committee told Councillors that they had notified the Council of their concerns on several occasions in the past - during the Glen project in 2017/2018, and again in November 2019. 

"We appreciate your assistance in this matter as we are very concerned that a serious accident or fatality will occur if these issues are not addressed as a matter of urgency" they said.

However, despite reassurances, they have had no visit to date by either the Area Engineer or Road Safety Officer.

Louth County Council responded last week with the following:

"The concerns will be looked at over the coming period, but I must inform you that the Road Works Programme for 2020 and it’s (very significant) budgets (partially funded from central government funds and accordingly subject to their approval) has already been passed (by the Department and the County Council).

“Accordingly I believe I am correct in telling you that there is no chance of any remedial road works being done at this location during 2020.

"I am informed by the Senior Engineer that we are undertaking a speed and traffic count in Tullyallen during Q2, 2020 to fully understand driver behaviour and scientifically analyse the results of same, thereby enabling us to consider what safety measures, if any, could or should be deployed during 2021 as part of the road works programme for that year, subject to department approval." 

The very least the children of Tullyallen deserve is somewhere to cross the road safely.

Anne Marry, the Principal of Tullyallen National School told Drogheda Life that she is very aware of the need for safety measures to be implemented in Tullyallen as a matter of urgency.

She said that she witnesses incidents on a weekly basis involving children trying to safely walk to school.  

"There is simply nowhere we can direct the children to that will allow them safely cross the road to and from school" she said after learning of the incident on Friday. 

“Friday was a warning, will the next incident, and there will be more if the situation is not rectified, be more serious or even fatal?” she asked. 

“Let us please not be responsible by doing nothing.”

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