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Friday, 17th May 2024

Councillors condemn dumping of hazardous asbestos on Twenties Lane

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Councillors Callan and Power at the Twenties Lane with a bag of asbestos waste in the background.

Independent Councillors Kevin Callan and Declan Power have voiced serious concerns over illegal dumping on Twenties Lane of significant amounts of asbestos which they say poses severe public health risks.

"An orchestrated spree of dumping occurred around Tullyallen and Twenties Lane over six weeks ago. Reports have emerged of a van with northern registration seen at these locations.

“An eyewitness from Twenties Lane spotted the van but couldn't obtain the registration number. I brought this issue up at the April and May Drogheda Borough Council meetings," Cllr. Power said.

"In recent days, communication with Louth County Council has led to the discovery of asbestos" he added. 

"This is a grave public health issue, as asbestos particles can cause severe respiratory problems, including lung cancer, if inhaled” said Cllr. Callan. “Asbestos, found in many building products until 1999, has long been known for its hazardous effects.

“It is disgraceful that individuals continue to dispose of such dangerous waste along roads and rural lanes, endangering public health."

"We have been in close contact with Louth County Council and are awaiting a specialist team to safely remove this hazardous waste.

“We urge the public to remain vigilant, report any sightings of suspicious vehicles in secluded areas, and avoid contact with such harmful waste" concluded Cllr. Power.

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