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Thursday, 15th June 2017

Council to warn supermarkets about trolleys in Boyne

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Some of the hundreds of supermarket trolleys taken from the Boyne by the BFRRS in recent weeks.

“Dumping anywhere is unacceptable but dumping for the fun of it in The Boyne is inexcusable” – Flood.

Three weeks ago Drogheda Life ran an article on the continuing problems being caused by mindless individuals throwing supermarket trolleys into the river Boyne.

The perpetrators might think it mildly amusing, or if they’re particularly idiotic they might think it’s hilarious but in fact it is putting the lives of rescue personnel in danger.

A spokesperson for the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service (BFRRS), Michael Hodgins, said it was time for the Council to take action on the issue because he reckoned the supermarket owners just don’t care.

“As long as they get their insurance money they don’t care” Michael said. “They should be fined for each trolley we retrieve.”

Now Sinn Féin Cllr Kenneth Flood has taken up the issue. At June’s Borough District of Drogheda Council Meeting on Monday he said he was astounded by the “inordinate number” of shopping trolleys that the BFRRS group recovered from the Boyne in their recent clean up.

“I was even more astounded when I was informed that this was only three months’ worth and that they hadn't even finished yet” he told Drogheda Life.

“The retailers that use shopping trolleys must do more to secure their property before they are dumped.

“If this was a once in a while occurrence then it may seem unfair to point the finger at supermarkets but this is a daily occurrence and the supermarkets do not seem to be collecting trolleys at the end of each day.”

The Council told Cllr. Flood that they will be writing to the supermarkets to remind them of their obligations to secure their property and reminding them of the fines they will face if they do not.

Cllr Flood praised the BFRRS who, he said, “do a tremendous service putting their lives on the line to rescue people and then go the extra mile doing a huge service to Drogheda by clearing the Boyne like this.”

“There has to be a change in people's mind-sets. Dumping anywhere is unacceptable but dumping for the fun of it in The Boyne is inexcusable”.

See our previous story: Supermarket trolleys in the river endangering lives – BFRRS wants council to act


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