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Monday, 13th May 2024

Council must prioritise Traffic light sequencing says SF candidate Debbie McCole

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Sinn Féin election candidate for Drogheda Urban, Debbie McCole.

Sinn Féin election candidate for Drogheda Urban, Debbie McCole, has said that Louth County Council needs to prioritise traffic management in Drogheda, due to ongoing heavy congestion in the town.

McCole said she would be working with Imelda Munster TD to have these matters addressed, saying “the traffic chaos has gone on too long and it seems to be getting worse by the day”.

McCole is asking that the council ensure that traffic light sequencing at key junctions are adjusted to allow for better flow of traffic in the town.

McCole commented: “The traffic light sequencing issue affects large parts of the town. The sequencing of the lights at certain junctions in Drogheda were adjusted some time ago, and it’s caused major problems, particularly at St Mary’s Bridge and the junction of Trinity Street and George’s Street.

“I work as a paramedic, and regularly see that Crosslanes can have very heavy traffic both ways. This is a major concern to me as it’s a main route into the hospital.

“The traffic lights at the junction of the Marsh Road and St Mary’s Bridge regularly have a tailback of over a kilometre of more.  

“Traffic coming from John St and the Dublin Road onto St Mary’s Bridge stopping at the lights at the quays means that traffic is unable to exit the Marsh Road.

“The change to the sequencing of traffic lights at the dual carriageway at the junction of Trinity Street and George’s Street has caused major delays which has resulted in traffic jams right across the dual carriageway, and this has a knock-on effect on the Donore Road and the Rathmullen Road, including at weekends.

“Re-adjusting the sequencing of the lights represents a relatively simple solution to some of Drogheda’s traffic problems and should be prioritised by the Council.

“This comes down to traffic management, not traffic volume. There’s no need for constant heavy congestion in the town.

“This issue affects workers like me, a paramedic, as well as parents on the school run, delivery drivers, taxi and bus drivers and people in the business community.

“Deputy Munster is working with me to ask the council to prioritise this issue and get Drogheda moving again.”


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