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Wednesday, 13th June 2018

Call for CCTV cameras as youths smash wing mirrors at Chord Road

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Michael O'Dowd inspects his broken wing mirror this morning.

At least seven cars were vandalised on the Chord Road last night prompting a call by local resident and former Mayor of Drogheda, Michael O’Dowd, for CCTV cameras to be installed so that residents and their property can be protected.

Residents were woken at 4.00am by the noise of breaking glass as a small group of youths went on a trail of destruction smashing wing mirrors as they progressed along the street.

“It is not acceptable that on a main street into town there are no CCTV cameras” Michael said.

“This has been reported to the Gardaí who have taken statements. However, if there was evidence on CCTV they could go one step further and make arrests.  

“The Council also need to look at the possibility of closing off the Old Hill steps off the Chord Road as, according to the Gardaí, they provide easy and quick routes off the road in cases like this.

In separate incidents in the last two weeks two windscreens have been smashed on the Chord Road.

“We are far too tolerant of this type of crime” Michael said.

“We need a zero tolerance approach from the Gardaí. This means active investigation at the earliest opportunity. In this case there are businesses that have CCTV as well as private homes on the route that need to be looked at.

“We know the time it happened but these images will be wiped within 24 hours.

“We need to give a message to the people that are doing this that Drogheda says 'no more'.

“We also need to give a strong message to the community in general that we value their safety and their property.”

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