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Thursday, 20th June 2024

Boann Distillery marks summer solstice with three new Irish Whiskeys

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Boann Distillery MD and founder, Pat Cooney (second from right), says Boann's triple Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey release marks a huge opportunity for the Drogheda-based family operation to grow its international business. He is pictured with Sally-Anne Cooney, left, James Cooney, Paddy Cooney and Peter Cooney. Photo: Matthew Thompson.

Drogheda’s Boann Distillery will tomorrow (June 21), to coincide with the Summer Solstice, unveil its first Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey release for the worldwide market, with a trio of new whiskeys.

Almost five years in the making, the three expressions – Marsala, Madeira and Pedro Ximinéz - join a stable of celebrated drinks launched by the family-owned operation, including Silks Irish Dry Gin and The Whistler whiskey brand.

“This is the beginning of a journey to bring Irish whiskey back to where it once was, to a time when Ireland dominated the world whiskey market,” said Boann MD and founder, Pat Cooney.

“It is amazing to bring this project to fruition, Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is the quintessential Irish whiskey style and exclusive and sacred to Ireland.

Our vision is to revive the heritage laid down by the lost distilleries of Ireland, distilling these historic mashbills (recipes) with local ingredients and uniting the past with the future of the craft of Irish whiskey distillation by using the latest technology.”

The 700ml releases, amounting to 12,000 cases, follows the launch of Boann’s limited-release Solstice Pot Still in December 2022, which revived whiskey distilling in Drogheda for the first time in 160 years.

The spirit used to create the three new whiskeys was crowned Best New Make and Young Spirit at the World Whiskies Awards in 2021.

Each expression was matured in a variety of casks, imparting each spirit with a distinct flavour profile. The casks used to age the Pedro Ximinéz release were discovered by Boann’s partner cooperage in Andalucía, Spain.

Some of them were made exclusively from chestnut and had been in a vintage PX Solera system for over 60 years..

For the Madeira release, Boann accessed two-decade-old vintage casks from the famous Madeira house, Justino’s, all of which were formerly 350-litre Cognac casks made from French oak.

The Marsala release was initially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels from the famed Brown Forman of Kentucky and made from American oak, before being finished in Superiore and Fine Marsala butts made from French oak.

“It was always our dream to craft and distil our very own Irish whiskey in the heart of the Boyne Valley,” said Mr Cooney.

“We are creating whiskeys of distinct character and provenance and are writing the next chapter in the fascinating story of Single Pot Still Irish whiskey.

“It is a source of immense pride that in doing so, we have distilled the essence of the land around us.”

The new offerings are presented in a bespoke package, bottled at 47% ABV with natural colour. All are available on, RRP €69.95 and will be rolled out nationally and internationally over the coming weeks.

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