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Friday, 2nd November 2018

Bell scathing on Council/Garda approach to Halloween mayhem

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Unsupervised Halloween bonfires can be dangerous and the burning of toxic material has a negative impact on citizens suffering from COPD, Asthma and Bronchial conditions.

What cost to the taxpayers for trick or treat?

After another night of Halloween mayhem in some quarters of Drogheda, Councillor Paul Bell has again criticised Louth County Council for failing to agree a coordinated approach with An Garda Siochana and communities in the fight against antisocial and criminal behaviour in the lead up to and on Halloween night.

“The failure of the local authority has permitted illegal dumping on public greenspaces. Dumping of commercial and domestic waste, not to mention the burning of toxic material which has a negative impact on citizens suffering from COPD, Asthma and Bronchial conditions.

While frontline members of staff from Council provided services to the best of their ability to communities requesting help to remove flammable materials and to apprehend those responsible for illegally disposing of materials. The lack of a coordinated response involving the executive management of Louth County Council and An Garda Siochana fails our community”.

Bell was also extremely critical of businesses on the Donore Road side of town. “Having worked so hard last year to encourage businesses to be aware of their responsibilities in supporting communities trying to control the impact of bonfires and dumping I was deeply disappointed that a tyre recycling processor failed to secure their premises resulting in the theft of and burning of heavy tyres on Ballsgrove Green.

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“However I do appreciate the efforts of Louth County Council Litter Wardens for their engagement which eventually resulted in proper security procedures being put in place”.

“Halloween should be a time of year when the community no matter what generation enjoy the festivities. Louth County Council have literally spent thousands of euro in both disposing of seized flammable materials and the clean up after the night which can go on for days.

“And this is not to mention the cost of deploying the Fire Service for Halloween related incidents. I am again calling on Council to review the spending and put that resource into planned events where the communities impacted by the criminal and antisocial behaviour which has become an all too familiar feature of the Halloween period.

“Resources should also be made available for communities to safely dispose of items which usually find their way onto greenspaces and bonfires in the lead up to Halloween.

“Many residents in St Finian’s Park, Rathmullan and Ballsgrove have condemned the actions of those involved in driving a car into the bonfire which was an extremely dangerous act resulting in an explosion which thankfully did not injure bystander and not to mention the cost of removing the burnt out shell”.

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