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Tuesday, 31st January 2023

Arc Cinema Drogheda to undergo seven figure luxury refurbishment

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The new HYPERSENSE auditorium at the Arc Cinema will include state of the art electric recling seats (above), a brand new 40ft curved wall-to-wall screen and the latest 4k Laser Projection for crystal clear picture and Dolby Atmos immersive sound. 

The Arc Cinema in Drogheda Town Centre, which first opened in 2014, is to be given a  seven-figure make-over that will include the latest HYPERSENSE electric recliner seats, Dolby Atmos immersive sound a brand new 40ft curved wall-to-wall screen and the latest 4k Laser Projection with a completion date of early March.

Although a full refurbishment of Drogheda’s central cinema location is major news for local movie lovers, the introduction of HYPERSENSE to the town is what is generating the most excitement. The Arc Cinema Group’s large format luxury auditorium style is designed to provide the ultimate blockbuster viewing experience when it opens in March.

The HYPERSENSE auditorium includes a brand new 40ft curved wall-to-wall screen, the latest 4k Laser Projection for crystal clear picture and Dolby Atmos immersive sound. Every speaker —is powered independently and gets its own separate audio feed. In effect, each speaker is its own zone. In addition to the overhead speakers, Dolby Atmos adds more surround speakers and screen speakers.

HYPERSENSE matches these technological advancements with the ultimate in luxury seating. The brand new HYPERSENSE auditorium includes one hundred and fifty fully electric recliner seats making it the number one cinema auditorium in the Northeast! HYPERSENSE is the place to be for launch nights of Marvel, Star Wars and every other major Hollywood blockbuster.

The exciting plans don’t end with the introduction of HYPERSENSE in Drogheda. There will also be a full refit across all public areas to create a modern and fresh aesthetic, installation of all new comfortable armchair style luxury seating across all auditoria and the introduction of both Fanta Frozen® and Coca-Cola Freestyle®.

Nick Furlong, Director, is very excited for everyone to see the results of this full refurbishment project. He said, “Over the past nine years, the people of Drogheda have shown us unprecedented levels of support and we feel now is the right time to refresh our offering and give Drogheda the best possible movie going experience.”

"We are all about guest experience - we want people to enjoy themselves and count down the days to their next visit. You can try and emulate the comfort and experience of the big screen, with a home cinema but when you sit in there and feel that boom in your chest from Atmos sound, it's a truly incredible experience”.

Film buffs can look forward to Creed III on opening weekend, showing in ‘HYPERSENSE’, with a full slate of incredible titles over the next few months including Shazam 2, Scream 6, John Wick 4 and more.

Customers can book for the launch weekend from mid-February. There will be events aimed at both adults and children, details about which will be posted on the cinemas social media. For more information visit

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