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Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Anthony Connor to run in East Meath/South Drogheda

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Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland.

As the countdown to the Local election begins in earnest, another candidate has entered the fray in the East Meath /South Drogheda constituency.

Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) has announced his intention to run as a candidate having been selected at a recent committee meeting of DDI in Louth/East Meath.

A Duleek-man now living in Grange Rath in Drogheda Co. Meath, Connor told Drogheda Life that he was actively pursued by other groupings, including one of the new parties, but he said that if he was to run, it would be as a “Direct Democracy Ireland” candidate.

Connor who campaigned against the water charges and the Local Property Tax (LPT) says that, if elected, he will never support a rise in the LPT. Instead he will actively seek to have it abolished.

 He is also opposed to the wind farms and the pylons which he says are spoiling the future of the tourism trade in Meath and across the country.

He also will be demanding improved law enforcement, throughout the East Meath area which he says has been neglected for many years leading to a sharp rise in crime in what was once a safe, peaceful county.

“The issue of drugs is completely out of control” he said and accused what he referred to as “our so called elected councillors” of standing idly by “…in fear of upsetting their friends within the Gardaí and chose instead to support Government policy by towing the line on cuts to these vital services”.

Connor says he will “…actively seek investments and rural regeneration and the Delivery of jobs for the people of Meath, and social inclusion for those with disabilities.

He added that “as well as saving hundreds of homes of families facing eviction he has spent the last seven years holding the banks to account in the courts by supporting genuine families who find themselves in court on foot of a repossession order through no fault of their own.” 

Anthony has been a Suicide intervention officer for the past five years with the suicide prevention organisation SOSAD. He lost his cousin in Duleek to suicide earlier this year and has undertaken to bring voluntary services to the area for those in need, to try to combat the alarming rise in suicides.

Anthony went on to blast the current Councillors in the East Meath area who. He accused of favouring “…the glitz and glamour of the political lifestyle rather than getting down to brass tactics and action, which is what this constituency needs.”

He said that if elected he will operate a full-time office in Duleek and added that he is looking forward to the campaign.

“There are a lot of very serious issues that this constituency is facing, a lot of families are suffering but, with the right approach, these issues can be met head on and dealt at local level with the right representation.

“Ask yourselves this” he said, “why vote the usual suspects back in if they don’t do what they are supposed to do, but are happy to have a camera present to point at a pothole they will never get fixed.”

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