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Friday, 22nd May 2020

10,280 homes in Louth at risk of flooding due to climate change

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A river runs through it - How prepared are we in Drogheda for predicted flooding brought about by global warming? Photo: Andy Spearman.

The Green Party’s local area representatives for Drogheda Urban, David Rossiter, has urged national and local government to examine Drogheda's coastal flooding vulnerability.

Rossiter’s call comes in the wake of new research from Gamma Location Intelligence (GLI) which has shown that Louth will be the county second most affected by flooding due to climate change.

The research indicates that up to 19 per cent or 10,280 residences and 968 commercial properties in Louth are at serious risk of coastal flooding.

“We need to urgently understand how sea levels are going to affect town planning” Rossiter said.

“We also need to know what flood defences are going to be needed to stop dwellings that are at risk of flooding from becoming uninhabitable.

“The estimations of flooding for our communities are pretty frightening when we consider they are based on temperature rises of two degrees. We already have our work cut out for us just to suppress warming to that level.”

“This only goes to further highlight that we need a programme for government that will reduce Ireland's emissions by 7%” David added.

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