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Monday, 13th November 2017

Rathmullen’s Renaissance man to exhibit his paintings at Listoke


Artist Rodney Thornton from Rathmullen Park preparing for his exhibition in Listoke Gallery on October 24th.  Photo: Jimmy Weldon

He’s been called Rathmullen’s Renaissance man, now this exceptionally talented young Drogheda artist, Rodney Thornton, is taking his council estate paintings to the countryside for a solo exhibition in The Gallery at Listoke. 

Entitled “Stilling a Recurring Light”, the exhibition comprises of paintings whose subject matter is urban street scenes and still life objects. Rodney attempts to paint the world without using prejudice. He begins by painting mundane objects that most of us would find in our cupboards such as an empty milk carton, liquid bottles. 

He finds the more you look at these ordinary objects the more you see, noting that while observing an object even as miniscule as a piece of cardboard it appears like infinite worlds come alive. 

Then he takes us to the streets with his large scale council estate paintings, we are invited into these urban street scenes devoid of the people that normally take part in the adventure of community life. The scenes of the local sweet shop, the GAA soccer pitch, or the ice cream van parked by the side of the road. 

Rodney has an approach to art which doesn’t come from any kind of intellectual ideal rather he wonders if a painting can reveal something from the unknown. Even though he begins by painting a scene from life he doesn’t know where it is going to take him and is often surprised by what the canvas reveals. Rodney is curious as to where the creativity itself comes from and this mystery is the driving force behind his work. 

Rodney has a B.A. Honours, in Fine Art, from the Institute of Technology, Sligo, he lives and works from his studio in Drogheda.

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