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Wednesday, 26th April 2017

Gerry has all the aces when it comes to freshness


Gerry Fagan delivers fresh veg from his farm in North Dublin to his shop at Bryanstown each day.

He probably didn't realize it at the time but growing up on a farm in North Dublin was to be the making of Gerry Fagan (above). From an early age Gerry realised the value of fresh vegetables grown without the use of chemicals. Veggies that are picked and eaten on the same day are just so much tastier.

At first Gerry started growing to provide tasty healthy food for his family and sold excess in the market.

So, thirty years ago, at a time when the retail trade was being taken over by the large chains, Gerry went against the trend and took the brave step of opening a shop in Skerries. To this day he is one of the very few independent retailers in the country.

There were lots of things the chain stores have going for them but Gerry has four aces up his sleeve that they just can’t match.

1 Gerry's Ace of spades is that his produce is grown locally and is dug and delivered fresh to the shop on the same day.

2 His Ace of diamonds are the friendly staff which since he opened his second store in Drogheda in 2014 now number over 120.

3 The Ace of clubs is represented by the fact that Gerry supports a growing club of local producers by giving them an outlet in his two stores.

4 The most important ace is of course the ace of hearts which is Gerry's passion for fresh, locally produced food cooked in store every day. He loves offering food that can on the plate just four hours after being picked.

Sticking to the freshness ethos has worked as more people realize the importance of good quality fresh food. From freshly baked bread to muffins, Laura's famous apple tarts and the delicious pastries that have been baked in store, Gerry's Fresh Foods has something to satisfy everyone's taste buds!

In a similar vein, Gerry's recently started selling readymade meals and pre packed veg containing the best of fresh food from the locality as part of their grab and go range.

Cafe Jacques which is over the shop in Skerries with fabulous sea views and delicious food, homemade bread and mouth-watering pastries is already a big hit in the local community.

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